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For High Performance, Reliable and Heavy-Duty Mats

Our Sports Mats and Equipment have high performance, tear resistant and long life and are very reliable as we provide great flexibility in design and high durability. Our In-House design team makes use of heavy-duty fabric to create this state-of-the-art blow up tent range that are Eye-catching, unique, and incredibly durable and can withstand extreme pressure.


LUCKY-TECH Membranes Pvt Ltd provides specialised PVC Coated Membranes for Sports Mats and Equipment that are impermeable, light-weight polymer-coated fabric which are highly durable, flexible in design and UV & weather resistant.

Our easy to maintain engineered sports mats can endure extreme pressure while ensuring the attractiveness. Our technically engineered mats and equipment are not only lighter but are large and have high quality. For the highest standard of quality backed by the industry’s finest service, there is no better place than right here at LUCKY-TECH as we are one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sports mats and equipment which are durable, elastic, cost effective and aesthetic.


Our mats and equipment are made with highly-durable PVC-coated polyester and engineered to the most rigorous performance standards.


  1. Stable and Evenly Rebound
  2. Excellent Anti-Slip
  3. Comfort of footsteps
  4. Odourless
  5. Thick cushion and comfortably soft
  6. Non-Toxic materials
  7. Easy to store and manoeuvre
  8. Durability
  9. Tear Resistant


To meet the individual needs of our clients, we offer both standard models and custom builds mats, mattress, weather covers and wall pad.


  1. Durable – Long life
  2. Light Weight with great aesthetics
  3. Flame & UV resistant, High abrasion resistant
  4. PVDF lacquering to prevent natural and industrial dirt from settling
  5. Aggressive dirt can be cleaned with normal detergent soap and water
  6. Covers large area without Support
  7. Ease of Fabrication : Perfect Weldability
  8. Quick Installation
  9. Ease of Maintenance
  10. 100% Recyclable


What are the advantages of PVC sports mats?2020-10-02T22:21:57+00:00

Finding high-quality sports mats is necessary for workouts. Whether you are exercising at home, in school, or at the gymnasium it is essential to purchasing the right type of PVC sports mats that are odorless, comfortably soft with a thick cushion and are manufactured from non-toxic materials to ensure maximum safety.

What are hook and loop mats used for?2020-10-02T22:22:48+00:00

Hook and loop mats allow several mats to be joined together. This enables to create different sizes of floor area to suit different types of gym exercises or to fit around varying types of gym apparatus for indoor and outdoor use.

Why are PVC sports mats in demand?2020-10-02T22:23:21+00:00

PVC sports mats are ideal for supporting personal fitness equipment such as stationary exercise bikes, weight benches, treadmill or elliptical machines as well as weight benches and free weights.

Are PVC sports mats good?2020-10-02T22:23:55+00:00

PVC mats are durable and easy to clean and maintain. It has resistant to water and moisture as compared to other types of mats. However, it can be damaged by sharp objects.