PVC-Coated Polyester Facade Engineered

For the highest standard of quality backed by the industry’s finest service, there is no better place than right here at LUCKY INTERNATIONAL. As one of the leading manufacturers of Engineered Membranes and other related products, we proudly create an extensive line of highly-durable PVC-coated polyester façade engineered to the most rigorous performance standards.


LUCKY International/ LUCKY-TECH Membranes Pvt Ltd is a part of diversified business group into specialised production & supply of Engineered PVC Textile Facades that are much more than a building enclosure.

Our highly durable, elegant and functional cladding from Lucky International protects your structures against the influence of the weather, UV radiation and its visual design defines and enhances the character of your building. Our specialized in-house team with its State-of-the-Art modern technique produces durable and elegant designs that can be laid both horizontally and vertically.


  • Attractive, functional and extremely easy to care for
  • Horizontal and Vertical Mounting
  • Durability
  • Acoustic performance
  • Aesthetic / surface appearance (translucency, colour, etc.)
  • Material weight for substructure design
  • Material costs
  • Installation costs / time, modularity
  • Maintenance requirements, and when required, replacement methods
  • Recyclability, sustainability Durability
  • Reliability


In a short span of time, we have earned a great reputation of delivering expert, engineered & designer solutions as per the client’s specifications & requirement within the stipulated deadline.


  • Architectural design freedom
  • Thermal Comfort and Solar Protection
  • Interior Glare Control and Interior View
  • Aesthetic appearance to add value like a monument
  • Rapid Solutions and Modernization
  • Acoustic Contribution and Safety


What is a façade?2020-10-02T22:39:43+00:00

The definition of a facade is the front of a building facing a public space or an artificial front or appearance by someone. An example of a facade is the front of the local mall.

What are the different forms of façade?2020-10-02T22:40:34+00:00

A wide variety of façade systems may be used in modern multi-story buildings, which are:

– Brickwork and stonework (masonry)

– Curtain walling.

– Precast concrete panels with various types of finishes.

– Insulated render.

– Metallic cladding.

– Tiles and stone veneer panels.

What are the functions of Façade?2020-10-02T22:41:33+00:00

The building façade provides the separation between the inside and the outside environments but is also required to provide acceptable light levels and a visual connection with the outside in the form of views out of the building. The façade may also be required to provide the building user with openable windows for ventilation.

The separating functions include:

–  Weather tightness including the elimination of water ingress and control of air permeability and resistance to wind actions;

– Insulation (both thermal and acoustic);

– Control of solar gain and ultraviolet radiation and the management of views into the building.

The building façade also provides the owner and the architect with a canvas on which to create an image representing the owner’s business, ideals or outlook.

How does façade help in thermal comfort and solar protection?2020-10-02T22:42:39+00:00

By means of the solar and thermal protection it creates, it saves a great deal of air conditioning costs in the summer, as well as protects against the sunburn effect and greenhouse effect especially in glass curtain façade or skylight applications.